How to preserve modifications in Views


There are many bugs in the Codecanyon Sximo Builder 5.1.5. but many of those are easily fixable in view.blade.php and/or view_detail.blade.php. However, whenever the module is rebuild all those fixes are gone and the original code is restored.

To be exact, the Orders module is the one I'm talking about with few bug examples:
- in Order detail view, the first tab, which is default one and not created as a Master Detail, has wrong URI pointing to customerDetail instead of orderDetail so you cannot go back on Orders.
- in Order detail view, on the first tab, the dates are not correctly formatted in the view.blade.php (missing 'd-m-Y' in date parenthesis) so they are not displayed in the table.

Where the Sximo Builder is keeping the original data when rebuilding the views? I'm banging my head around this for days since after every rebuild I must go fixing ever growing number of bugs I'm discovering along the way.

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Sinisa Perovic

  • 2 years ago

Found the wrong URI part. It is in /resources/views/sximo/module/template/ajax/view_detail.tpl, row 15, should be {key} instead of "customerNumber". After this fix the rebuild works fine.

As missing dates in Order -> Detail View I found that in /app/Library/SiteHelpers.php, row 735, $format_value is null for some reason. I hardcoded the row replacing $format_value with "d-m-y" and it works now although it's not the right way to fix this bug.

I will investigate further why there is no value in $format_value when $format_as is "date". Unfortunately I cannot learn much from your git since you completely rewrite this helper.


same problem, please fast response

For keep your modifications for future rebuild you have to do it on tpl file (as you wrote above)

also i suggest you to open a git (it's free here) and push your code there each time you make a changes so in case you are doing a mistake you can revert it back