Add/Update form not updating on rebuild

I did the following:

1) Created table with id (primary key, INT) 2) added field for "FirstName" (varchar(128) 3) Created module in SXIMO, kept id as SHOW, but set to hidden 4) Rebuilt module 5) viewed module, saw that everything was working fine 6) added column in table for lastname 7) went to SXIM, on SQL tab, clicked Save SQL 8) saw that lastname was there for table and form 9) rebuilt 10) viewed module. no last name field in form, only in table.

I am tearing my hair out here. I have verified permissions, everything. Table updates fine but the last name never shows on the add/update form.

One note: I looked at the source for the page and last name is there but when I do "inspect" it isn't. Assuming there is a JS script somewhere hiding it.


Thanks, Sean

  • 1 year ago