Error Ajax Plugins

I have the same problem described several times in support codcanyon:

I rebuild, clear cache, dump-autoload composer, etc but the problem persists.

There's a solution?

Some post Codecanyon:


I've just installed Plugin AJAX, and I have a problems with all my modules. When I create a plugin, and Directly configure AJAX mode, it works well, but when i change setting Method Form / View Method - Inline add / edit row, and then a Rebuild All, I can not see my module anymore, Instead I have my module title duplicated, and no module data ... All the screen is gray. Any idea?

Your demo is broken since two months. The bugs are not fixed since this Time! As Reported, while rebuilding an ajax module, resources / views / modulename / table.blade.php will get the false content Which results in the "double content" bug like in your demo and like many other userers Have had reported almost. Example:

Excel export dosn't work either. Also reported almost two months ago? Example:

Why you can not fix bugs These ???

  • 2 years ago