Vacation & work

Hi just to let you know that from this monday 11th april to Monday 11th may i wont be at home i gonna travel and work also, so i wont be able to update the actual repo with lastest Release from mangopik

but if someone here can do it or even mango himself just push it and i will commit it when i see the mail.

i will be around but i wont take time for work on the script as i have big work during this month :)

  • 2 years ago

I managed to do the actual merge, though I am having issues with view side... ErrorException in helpers.php line 523: htmlentities() expects parameter 1 to be string, object given (View:

Though I think its more because of Laravel 5.2 in Log i am getting this: 2016-04-08 10:13:50] debug.ERROR: exception 'BadMethodCallException' with message 'Method [beforeFilter] does not exist.' in /var/www/bootstrap/cache/compiled.php:9317

As I read on its deprecated or something... I have deleted cache and did dump-autoload. Not working though...

UPDATE: Forgot to mention in previous post, I am able to do composer install and php artisan migrate --seed without any errors. It works just like charm...

I had to change at routes.php


 if (defined('CNF_MULTILANG') && CNF_MULTILANG == '1') {


 if (defined('CNF_MULTILANG') && ('CNF_MULTILANG') == '1') {

As it was throwing error on composer install...