Printable Reports

Hi! I would like to nkow how to create printable reports using Sximo (laravel version). It´s possible? What´s indicated?

  • 3 years ago

Definitely possible, I have done a few printable pages.

I cant remember if sximo provides this out of the box but if you have a report generated and displayed on screen you can add a print button link in the view to print it:

<a class="btn btn-xs btn-default hidden-print" href="javascript:window.print()">Print Certificate</a>

I also added some print specific css that hides navigation, print button etc. My theme is heavily is customized, so your css may vary:

@media print {
  * { color: black !important; text-shadow: none !important; filter:none !important; -ms-filter: none !important;}
  body {background: #fff;font: 12pt Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif; line-height: 1.3;}
  .sbox {padding: 0; border:0px; box-shadow:none;}
  @page {margin: 0.5cm;}
  .hidden-print, .footer, nav {display:none;}