Global Search on tables or selected tables


Would you be able to point me to a resource or provide guidance in how to set up a 'global search' within the app?

Currently, when user want to 'Search', a pop up appears and they would search on fields within tables.

For some, believe it not, this is confusing.

Would like to create a search box that searches using 'LIKE' on pre-defined tables/fields.


Super thank you


  • 3 years ago

Hello, You will have to wait for Mango for that part. Actually i'm still around (i'm 24/24 on my pc @home that the reason why i'm active here) but i'm doing some Hotel website and project for a group so i can't work really on sximo for a while. But if the request is easy i will able fix it.

I will have a look when i have free time and if i can i will because i also needed it :)

I haive not looked into this myself, but it may be possible - though you'd need to do quite a bit of customisation.

If you want to search from predefined fields only, then it may be possible to modify the search form in the view file to get this done. You can predefine the filter and criteria and then hide them, e.g. using css so they're not visible on the form.

However, if you'd like to search across different tables, then you'd probably need to create a new "search results" module that includes all the tables & fields you want to search across. Then modify or add a custom search that you will display across your site which sends a request directly to the "search results" module.

This may also be useful starting point - How to set default search filters:

Thanks - this helps.

The biggest item here is trying to get the search to be 'inline' vs 'modal'.