Email notifications on

This isnt about sximo crud, but about this forum:

I notice that this forum does not send out a notification when a post or topic receives a reply. I cant find the setting to enable notification or subscribe to a thread. How can I receive a notification when you or others respond on the forum?

  • 3 years ago

Actually this forum script is a clone-script of (open source)

i did install it as default and edit only what i needed

not sure if this feature is enabled on laravelio but when i will have more time i will check it or add it

for now i have 2 big projects in my hand that i have to finish and also check here for fix as much as i can

in case someone here know that Core of and know what to do just let me know and i will upload the fix for it

else, you have to wait till i have time for find the solution to enable this feature

Seems it isn't implemented yet