I gonna start work on Translation system

So if you wanna join me in that part from GIT just let me know!!

i will manage file and you translate into your own language and we will set it into GIT repo for any users who has access

But i will need time for manage it as i have to look into the entire core where "Lang" is missing

that mean the translation system will be huge soon :)

Actually i can do French / English

So i will need the other language :)

like chinese/korean/russian and much more

Remembering : we are talking about Sximo 5.x not older version one

PS: i will also add the Translation Tag into forum

  • 3 years ago

I am translating to Serbian, so when I am done, I will pass along files, not sure if it`s of any use but.. Who knows...

Actually i'm checking this packages

i try to understand how implement it with our actual core