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I've set a Private Repo for Customers of Mango and the Repo will be updated by me.

So i'm not related to Mango's Team, all of that repo is made for us, customers of mango from codecanyon! (i just wanna help as the main developer isn't so active as expected actually and the core is having to much bugs)

What i'm requesting from you to get Access to that repo is :

send me those proof as image(it need to be with your account name on top so i can confirm it from that) from your codecanyon to [email protected]

and then i will grand you to the repo

I might ask you also to reply me on codecanyon if i think it's a fake image for be sure that you are licensed

  • 3 years ago

After you got access to the repo, you will be able to get the source from it, but you are not allowed to FORK the repo as Public (else everyone will get the file) in case this happen i will remove your access from it and will never add you back. SO BE CAREFULL

sync your git with my github

then when all is downloaded you will run those command in order :

  • composer install
  • composer update (in case you did add others packages into your composer.json)
  • copy the .env.example into .env
  • php artisan key:generate
  • edit your .env and add your database information
  • create table + populate it with seeder : php artisan migrate --seed
  • (if you wish to reinstall as default your database : php artisan migrate:refresh --seed )
  • browse your application and the admin login is same as the basic package of sximo

at anytime if you are getting into trouble due your vendor folder, you can delete it and run again composer install or do : composer dumpautoload / composer update for it's clean things and fix issues that might occurs from packages installation.

Report issues on this forum or on github (but better report here if possible)


Note :

from the picture of proof that you will send to me, i might request an other proof if i'm feeling that it's an edited images.

the proof will be to you reply to me on codecanyon directly (from the thread of the product) so i will be sure that you are a valid users of sximo from there (i will see the Tag : purchased).

Remembering that i'm not the owner of the Script (from codecanyon) so i have no way to verify directly that you really a owner of the script that the reason i ask proof, and also i'm doing it for free :)

Hi Creed,

I got some time today to play around with the repo that you've updated on github. Overall, I think its a good idea, however, there are some things that could be done differently.

I cloned the repo, followed your instructions and setup my application. There were a few issues along the way, but managed to get everything up and running eventually. I want to share my experience here, in case anyone else wants to use this repo:

  • The htaccess in the public folder contained many rules that did not work on my server, eventually went back to the old htaccess file from mango and everything works fine.
  • Tried creating some modules (success) but when editing the modules & settings, i keep running into errors and none of the settings get saved. (e.g BadMethodCallException in compiled.php line 9145: Method [beforeFilter] does not exist). When I get some time, I will look into this.
  • There are also other demo/sample modules included e.g. forum, projects, clients etc. If you don't need these for your project remember to delete them.

In my opinion, it might be a good idea to keep sximo crud builder without all the other modules - like how mango keeps it. That way, if anyone wants it, they can install the module they need.

For now, i will stick with my 5.1 (mango) installation as my application and modules all works fine there. I will look into "updating" to the reloaded version later once i have sometime to iron out all the issues. In summary, I think what you have done is a step in the right direction, but I am not ready for it yet :)

Hi thanks for your advise, and remember this is not supposed to be a sximo version 100% look alike as original

that repo is my own edit (and based on LARAVEL 5.2 => mango is 5.1) and fix due the name of reloaded and i'm doing it for free for users who has license!

and about : BadMethodCallException in compiled.php line 9145: Method [beforeFilter] does not exist). When I get some time, I will look into this.

it's mean that one step you didn't follow on GIT commit description where i said sometimes : to clear compiled file by doing composer dumpautoload

also as i said in git you have sometimes to delete folder for reinstall the packages for it's match the master commit head

and if you still get that issue it's mean i forgot edit a file and remove the crsf line (you can edit it yourself if you watch how i did remove them into git timeline) or report it here with more description on how i can reproduce this issue for i can fix it.

Also don't forget that the git is a developement tool and not a released version of a finished project, so it's mean it's still with bugs and for get bugs i have to put everything on it (include packages, extensions, modules) for testing and get the results on a live website, so i can fix it, or even you, as user, can fix and report the fix back here on forum.

I let that part to Mango to deliver a finished product with no modules installed! but in our case here : we have to work on fix for your actual code

but yeah module are installed, also it's so easy to remove them : just hit delete

but for installing them some people has issue and will forget some step as : permissions, pages, menu etc...

When I followed the steps in your instructions, it did not work initially, but then doing the composer install, dumpautoload and update eventually managed to get most of the things working. The only issue i had after that was the Method [beforeFilter] does not exist, which may be something I got wrong or incompatible with my setup.

I agree with everything you've said and understand this isn't official version. I also think its a nice idea that you have shared your work (via the git repo). By doing so, you are allowing others to fix issues that they may come across in future.

Maybe we should have 1 "pinned" topic on this forum for what to do for a clean install of the "official" sximo 5.1 version. This will include things like patching some of the bugs/security holes discovered etc. You have already put these on the forum - but they are in separate threads and someone might miss an important one if they dont go through all the topics. If you have all the bugfixes on one sticky post, then someone can follow everything and have a working "bug-free" version to start with. Maybe just create a sticky post and in there link to the other posts with the important bug-fixes that you have already made, so we can reference easily and don't miss anything.

I will eventually update my app to 5.2, but for now, I have a lot of things working in my "official" 5.1 version. When I get some time I will test out and report any issues/fixes on the forum for anyone else that may run into the same problem.

Hello, I will send you the pics to get access to the repo, is ook?

soyjonathanespinosa said:

Hello, I will send you the pics to get access to the repo, is ook?

i will need picture of both ajax + LTS script and also add to that your name on github or i can't add you

Hey there, i am wondering if you managed to get my access to the repo added after i emailed you everything. aint heard anything back in a little while. Thanks James

JayLancaster said:

Hey there, i am wondering if you managed to get my access to the repo added after i emailed you everything. aint heard anything back in a little while. Thanks James

sorry for the delay i wasn't avaible.

i did add you if i remember >< and i see that you already accepted too

Dear All,

is there new updates ? what the address for repo ?